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Our Label


The emergence of Keynote Records™ represents turning the key that opens the lock of the music industry. Keynote Records™ takes music beyond the doors of the business and focuses its efforts on uncovering artistry. Established on the belief that music with quality will transcend barriers and move the masses, the label’s mission is to provide an extraordinary and gratifying musical experience that listeners can connect with. This musical experience goes beyond the scope and emphasis of making a profit and places a spotlight on the artists’ talent.

The KEYNOTE name does not only refer to the opening of creative doors, but also breaking down doors that may not have been passed through before. With emphasis on innovation, exploration, and expression, KEYNOTE strives to create music that reflects the pulse of the people. Our creations compliment the void of our everyday life, as our vibrato smothers each other’s pains and the accompanying instrumentation screams human triumphs.



KEYNOTE was founded on the premise that music with a prevailing message and without boundaries will thrive through the millennium and beyond. The company focuses on music as an art form, breaking the locks on the typecast of genres and embraces music, with elements that are inspired by the fusion of a plethora of r musical genres.

Founded in June of 2003, KEYNOTE Records™ was launched based on the observation that people across the world are more similar than we would like to believe. The founders recognize that the impact of music is global. Music that represents the lives and experiences of individuals and their communities should be reflected in the mainstream. The company seeks out and gives a medium to the non-traditional, untapped talent that exemplifies the dynamic composition of our world.

Though our languages may be different, the rhythms of our lives remain the same. People’s lives across borders may be independent of each other, yet they are bound by universal themes of life that can be articulated in music. Consequently, if our experiences transcend borders, religions, ethnicities, and cultures, then music that represents our voices should not mirror a divide.



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