Artist Catalouge

Artist Catalouge


While most little boys had their hands wrapped around fire trucks and race cars, NIR had his wrapped around a mic. Stroll down memory lane reveals that his most vivid childhood memories are those of singing and running home to write down the lyrics he’d piece together in his head all day. At 15, he had already composed “Only One”, and his dream of someday making a life out of music turned into an inevitable goal of making music his life. Growing up overseas and coming to America at a young age, NIR was faced with one of the hardest things a foreigner encounters, and that’s the inability to communicate and be understood in the new place you’re supposed to call home. He turned to music, and through incessant listening and singing, he learned to speak English fluently. He learned that no matter where you come from, or what language you speak, music inspires the same unified emotion in everyone, and this unity can be found in his diverse fan base that goes by NirNation.

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Omari Banks

On his fifth birthday Anguillan born Singer-Songwriter Omari Banks took the stage in Milan, Italy at Club Zimba to sing alongside his father Bankie Banx and has not left the stage since. By the age of ten he had won multiple talent shows as a singer and was a confident guitar player. As a teenager his attention turned to the sport of cricket, where he excelled first locally, then regionally and then ultimately on the world stage. As a twenty year old, Omari shone bright on the largest stage in test cricket as he played a pivotal role in the greatest second-inning comeback in test cricket history. Throughout his successful twelve year professional cricket career, Omari seemed to always excel on the largest stages.

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Dude The Artist

For 17 year old “DUDEtheARTIST ,” success in music is not just about record sales, it is about selling himself to his listeners without ever selling them short of his talents. Undeniably gifted, wickedly witty, slightly gritty and agelessly charming, DUDEtheARTIST or “DTA” for short, has been spitting hot 16’s  way before his sixteenth birthday, when his father discovered Dude’s unwavering  passion for rhyming. After years of writing songs and reenacting them by way of impromptu house performances, Dude’s father eventually paid attention to his son’s skills and set up a then- 14-year-old Dude with a producer who would from there, assist Dude in refining his skills and song techniques.

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When life gets tough, what keeps us going is our faith in things to come and in order to see the unseen, one must have true vision. Meet Jamaican born, singer-songwriter, Simon Mitchell, most infamously referred to by his stage name “Vision”. The name was inspired by Mitchell’s influential upbringing during his childhood stint as a member of his mother’s church choir. It was there that Vision decided that in all things life, he would be led by faith and not by sight. Following his musical transition to dance-hall, this mantra spare headed the international artist’s creation of a promising new sound that he would later deemed “Roots Pop Reggae.”

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